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How to Grow Your Business with Scripts

When implemented correctly, scripts provide your team the tools needed to successfully have structured conversations with clients, while providing the best overall experiences. Use front desk scripts as a way to set your business up for success.

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Scripts Fuel Confidence and Consistency

Pre-written scripts instantly provide the tools your front desk employees need to contribute to business growth. Why?

  • Scripts are an industry-proven way to increase all six growth indicators.
  • Scripts allow your front desk to speak to clients with confidence and great delivery.
  • Scripts help your front desk actively pursue growth opportunities.

Front desk scripts also help your team provide an exceptional customer experience because they provide consistency through the chaos. Additionally, correctly utilising scripts turns a front desk professional into a valuable asset to the business. A go-getter who’s got the lingo down can have a huge impact on your bottom line.

Examples of Front Desk Scripts

Here is some inspiration for your front desk scripts:

Up-sell the client on a grander, more expensive service than the one booked.

“Colleen is available for a 60-minute massage. However, we do have availability for a 90-minute massage, which includes a longer focus on your neck and shoulders, and a detox mask. I would be happy to enhance your massage today.”

Cross-sell your services to book an additional appointment.

”Ok Lilli, you are all set with your manicure at 2 PM. We are offering 15% off our pedicure services if you have extra time. I would be happy to book you for a pedicure right after your manicure.”

Suggest add-on services at no extra time, but an extra cost. 

“Hey Tanya, here is a menu of our enhancements that pair well with your massage. Our most popular is aromatherapy, which provides tremendous health benefits such as reducing anxiety, easing depression, boosting energy levels, speeding up the healing process, helps eliminate headaches, boosts cognitive performance, induces sleep, strengthens the immune system, and so much more. It’s only an additional £5. I can add it on at this time if you’d like.”

Setting your team up for success is necessary in order to have motivated employees, as well as a growing business

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